Advanced Warehouse Service

Scan packing

ATLAS caters for the scan packing requirements of major Australian retail organisations such as Coles Myers and David Jones.


  • Importing customer buying information including product codes, departments, agreed supplier costs and sell prices.
  • Importing of customer purchase orders and an automatic up-date of the warehousing system via the EDI module.
  • Production of EAN compliant labels.
  • Scanning and recording of carton contents.
  • Option of printing price tickets depending on the retailers needs.
  • Creation of Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASN) files for
    transfer to the retailer.

Serial and lot tracking management

For many businesses, inventory control is much more complex than the basic administration of stock levels. We acknowledge the complexity in inventory control and can service your inventory tracking requirements with a serial/lot management solution.

Our ATLAS system caters for serialised stock and lot/batch numbers where stock can be managed by expiry date or FIFO.

The serial and lot tracking management system provides you with an efficient inventory tracking system to handle product recalls or warranty claims.

Kit handling

Quite often a product comprises a combination of components which require the components to be kitted together prior to packing and delivering the product. This may cause some stock handling issues with some service suppliers.

Our ATLAS system caters for this scenario and the software can setup the inventory as a kit, and can be picked, packed, shipped  and tracked as a single stock keeping unit (SKU).

Back order processing

The ATLAS order processing and invoicing function is highly flexible and can perform all the ordering and back ordering requirements for business.

Inventory management

With ATLAS Inventory Management, we can effectively manage all your inventory and supplier needs for your business.

We acknowledge the high cost of inventory handling for your business and we can help reduce these costs by providing a total inventory management solution.

ATLAS system features:

  • The ability to manage your inventory using Radio Frequency barcode scanning devices to improve the accuracy and speed of picking your products
  • Flexbile stock take options which may be cyclic, location based or wall to wall
  • The recording of comprehensive sales analysis data
  • Assistance with purchasing functions using:
    • Stock shortage and re-order point reports
    • Demand forecasting
    • Distribution requirements planning
    • Supplier performance monitoring