Advanced e-Logistics Service

Web enabled services

We can provide you with a range of additional value added services by using the latest internet technologies in the industry. These services includes web ordering and web enquiry facilities, A client portal facility and an advanced web reporting function.

ATLAS eZorder - Web Ordering

Our advanced IT system includes a complete internet order management solution designed to provide you with a fast and
reliable online ordering and enquiry solution for your business.

Features of the ATLAS eZorder web ordering service:

  • Anytime, anywhere web access to your product catalogue including full product descriptions, specifications and product images.
  • Flexible product search by code, description and category to enable quick location of the product.
  • Ability to view and edit order details before submitting it. It includes editing the delivery address details, shipping mode, product type and quantity.
  • Real time access to inventory levels and order status Information.
  • Security is ensured with a separate username and password login for each of your accounts.
  • The web ordering and enquiry service allows your customers to place an order at any location with internet access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your entire ordering process is streamlined with this advanced service.

ATLAS A3 - Client Portal Facility

With the client portal service, you will have access to published information and back end data via a simple internet connection.
This self service capability improves the visibility of your supply chain as real time information can be obtained via a username and password login system for your account.

Features of the ATLAS A3 client portal service:

  • Proof of delivery enquiries
  • Access to document archives
  • Web based enquiries across multiple back end databases
  • Publicly available web parts. E.g. information on the weather, news and the stock exchange.

ATLAS BI - Advanced Reporting Tool

ATLAS BI is an advanced business intelligence tool which provides relevant, up to date information to the user and presents it in a simple graphical layout.

ATLAS BI draws on data from a range of sources, analyses and processes this data to create relevant information, such as the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your business. By reducing the volume of data, you and your team can make better decisions faster.

ATLAS BI uses a variety of graphs, charts and dials to monitor your KPIs, review the information, therefore allowing you to drive your business forward.

ATLAS BI allows you to customise the reports and dashboards to suit your specific reporting requirements. We can provide you with the right solution to help you make better decisions faster.