Sales and stock analysis

To gain a thorough understanding of your total business performance an analysis of your sales and stock data can provide guidance and direction into your business and supply chain strategy.

Features of the ATLAS sales and stock analysis function:

  • Ability to configure the system to report on unit or dollar ($) sales by any combination of:
  • State
  • Territory
  • Salesman
  • Customer/customer group
  • Product/product group
  • Carrier
  • Supplier
  • Sales and budget data is held against each individual sales person. Sales commissions may also be calculated.
  • Sales for each individual lot and serial number is recorded and may be used in the case of a product recall.
  • The sales value amount, sales units and the margin for each sale can be recorded and analysed.
  • Lost sales (due to stock outs) are captured.
  • Stock quantity levels, sales quantity levels and credit analysis can be conducted over a time period.