Why buy a warehouse, employ staff and tie up capital?

Some of the reasons our customers choose to partner with us:

Overhead reduction

Clients are relieved of contingent liabilities and need not invest in a building, staff and equipment. By reducing capital expenditures clients’ funds can be directed to areas to increase revenue and profits.

Improve Productivity

High density design warehouse means storage costs are minimized. One way warehouse aisles mean fork/reach truck operators do not waste time driving to pick product.

Integrated wireless RF equipment

Maxwell is equipped with fully integrated Symbol radio frequency equipment and barcode technologies. The equipment is utilized for all warehouse operations including receiving, put-away, picking and cyclic stock take checks.

Reduce Administration

Dedicated personnel are assigned to your account overseeing and administering the day-to-day business as an extension of your company.

Industry Expertise

Maxwell is experienced in handling a wide variety of products within different industries.

Customer Service

Maxwell’s wireless technology offers clients increased transparency of supply chain management. Our team is on hand to answer questions, queries or track freight if necessary. QUERYMAX is used to streamline queries through our web portal.